Core technology

Zhuoyuan NEWDEF® apatite fluoride removal filter material is an efficient fluoride removal material which can effectively remove excess fluoride ions in drinking water based on the mechanism of fluoride removal by hydroxyapatite. No matter how high the influent is (< 50mg/L), the effluent is less than 0.2mg/L (removal rate is more than 95%) and can retain the beneficial minerals in the water without affecting the taste of the effluent. At the same time, we have solved the regeneration problem of other defluorination filters, which makes the cost of water production lower.       


Zhuoyuan NEWDEF® apatite defluorination technology has a unique way which absorbs the high fluorine removal capacity of hydroxyapatite and the high strength of activated alumina. It uses the most simple and reasonable method to remove fluoride ions in water. The efficiency of fluoride removal of NEWDEF® is superior than other filter materials and is able to maintain its efficiency for a long time.            


This technology has been developed for fourteen years since 2005. Five generations of defluorination products have been developed. Each generation of products is sublimated in a lot of hardships. At present, this technology has shown good defluorination effect in rural drinking water safety engineering, mineral water plants and wastewater treatment in Anhui, Henan, Shanxi, Shandong, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang and other places. It has been exported to India, Sri Lanka, Australia and other countries, which reflects its value and is unanimously recognized by users. Today, we are still trying to improve every detail and strive to make better products.